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Anything Is Possible, No Matter Your Background

This month, we are featuring Ilda Grimaldo as the One Degree Shift Member Spotlight. Ilda is a natural leader and motivator. She is passionate about inspiring others to believe in themselves, trust themselves, and persevere regardless of their backgrounds. Are you ready to be encouraged? Read on!

CASSANDRA: Hi Ilda Grimaldo. Excuse me while I pretend that we haven’t already met. Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do?

ILDA: Well, in May, I reached 26 years with USAA Federal Services Bank. I have been in management for several years now. I am also a registered massage therapist for the state of Texas.

CASSANDRA: Congratulations on a long career with USAA. I’m impressed! I also know that you’re working on something that puts your career in your own hands as an entrepreneur. What is it?

ILDA: Over the years, I’ve taken several MLM vehicles for a test drive – all to no avail until now. I am currently a Regional Consultant with Ambit Energy and only three consultants away from my next promotion. I plan to retire early from USAA in a couple of years and continue my business with Ambit. I believe residual income from a MLM standpoint is the best, and my goal is to succeed with Ambit and be financially free.

CASSANDRA: I’m sure most people know that MLM stands for multi-level marketing. Unfortunately, many people think it’s a scheme. There is a negative perception. When the truth is MLMs are very successful. Many organizations in the U.S. have this business model – like Mary Kay, Avon, and Tupperware. It’s great for entrepreneurial-minded people and offer great training and rewards. Why are you passionate about Ambit?

ILDA: Ambit offers a service that everyone uses every day, 24/7. As a consultant, I present people with the opportunity to save money or make money or to do both. All I have to do is obtain a handful of loyal customers and show others how to do the same. The process is easy. I work on building a monthly residual income and guiding others on how they can build their residual income too.

CASSANDRA: Besides the easy process and financial potential, there is something else that excites you about working independently with Ambit. Tell us why you’re so passionate.

ILDA: This vehicle has given me an opportunity to meet fabulous people and make awesome friends for life. It lets me stay in tune with inspiring people who have the same goals that I do – people who are positive and energetic about succeeding in life. Ambit gives me the opportunity to change people’s lives. To help others see their potential and success when they don’t see it themselves or believe in themselves. It allows me to inspire people to challenge themselves and realize they don’t have to live their lives working 40 hours plus a week for 40 years plus to find out at retirement that what they bring home in a paycheck is normally not what they are accustomed to or enough to maintain the lifestyle they were used to. It also brings me pleasure and satisfaction knowing the legacy that Ambit provides consultants to leave behind to their children and their children’s children for eternity.

CASSANDRA: Wow! I can tell you’re very passionate, especially about changing people’s lives. It seems you want to liberate people and get them to think long-term and legacy. When did you start your Ambit business?

ILDA: I started Ambit part-time to make extra cash. I have enjoyed the additional income stream; however, the true friends that I have made are priceless. There was a time I wanted to throw in the towel. I was down in despair, and my friends didn’t give up on me. They inspired me to keep going and acknowledged my success at the end. I have learned that inspiring others to keep going when things are tough brings me happiness. I enjoy paying it forward.

CASSANDRA: I know there are people who want to connect with you and your motivating leadership. Not only do you have a business opportunity with an easy-to-follow business model, but you are committed to guide and inspire them to the freedom that life has for them. How can they reach you?

Ilda_Member Spotlight3.jpg.pngILDA: You can find me online at and reach me by email or phone at or 210-508-7314.

CASSANDRA: In One Degree Shift we focus on our why — why we do what we do. People are more inclined to listen to your what and your how when they are moved by your why. Tell us your WHY.

ILDA: I enjoy contributing to others and helping them succeed. That really feeds my soul. It gives me fulfillment and gratitude in life.

CASSANDRA: Yes, you’re a natural leader and motivator. How did your personal journey develop your leadership, your belief in yourself, and your determination? What wisdom has your background taught you that you can share to motivate us?

ILDA: My parents grew up poor and had very little education, but they were rich in love and belief. They had strong values: to be honest, to work hard, to be faithful, to have fun and share a laugh, to help others, and to persevere regardless of what stood in your way. My parents had a goal to own real estate and to heir the property to each of their nine children. My parents never quit. They were driven, passionate about what they wanted, and if they failed they got up and kept going. Before my parents passed away, they reached their goal. It wasn’t easy to accomplish what they achieved, but they believed in themselves and trusted that they could do it. My parents didn’t preach to us about going to college or cheer us on with words of wisdom like, “You Can Do It.” Instead, what they did was take action and demonstrate how to do it. Their actions spoke loud enough! I didn’t grow up hearing it, I witnessed it. What we learned and heard all the time was, “Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk.” When I look back and see how my parents were raised and know what they accomplished, I know anything is possible in life as long as you work hard, respect and treat people well, persevere, get up when you’re knocked down, have fun, have faith in yourself and God, and always believe you can. Through their actions not words, my parents taught me to believe in myself and trust that I am capable of moving mountains if I choose to do so. I can do anything I want to, but it’s up to me to do it. My mother always said, “No one is going to take care of you but you.” She was right! No one is going to move a mountain for me, put cash in my hands, and pay my bills. It’s up to me! I take the lessons I learned from my parents to motivate and inspire others. My legacy will be complete when I know my guidance has made a difference for others who at first don’t believe in their potential or trust in themselves, and then they are able to go on and reach success and financial freedom.

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CASSANDRA: That’s great Ilda. Your parents modeled the way. They showed you that anything is possible if you want it bad enough and work hard, no matter where you come from. I understand why you’re so passionate about helping people succeed, because you’ve seen it firsthand in your parents’ determination and commitment.

ILDA: Yes, I share what my parents showed me. I let people know to remain positive, to stand up after you’ve fallen, to build your knowledge and inspiration by reading books that keep you motivated and build your self-confidence, to spend time with people who share the same dreams you have, and to NEVER, NEVER QUIT.

CASSANDRA: You’ve been part of One Degree Shift since April. I’ve coached you during our monthly gathering calls and one-on-one. What has been the biggest value of your membership and participation in One Degree Shift? How has it made a difference?

ILDA: The biggest value for me is being among a community of people who share the same dream to be successful in life. We overcome obstacles and downfalls together, and we share what works for success. Most importantly, we support one another, inspire and motivate each other, and ensure we work towards one common goal and that is to accomplish and achieve our dreams in life. The coaching that takes place sharpens my skills to see different perspectives or different approaches I can take. The combined experiences, good and bad, are meaningful to make sure we take the right path.

CASSANDRA: Thanks, Ilda, I couldn’t have said it any better than that. I feel the same way too. I’m so glad you’re part of our community.

Do you ever feel held back by your background? Leave a comment for Ilda, and let her know how the story of her parent’s determination motivates you to keep going too. She would love to hear from you.

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