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The Call to Soar (Volume 3)

You are not your struggles. Even a storm can be a beautiful place when you understand it does not define you but strengthens who you are meant to be. Challenges offer you a choice to either remain where you are or emerge from the dark clouds and fly high above them.

The authors of this book are teachers and healers who have been called by the divinity within all of us to face their greatest fears. Their stories reveal the answers they discovered and the healing they experienced as they faced obstacles on the path to greater meaning.

In The Call to Soar, you will discover how to remain hopeful in the midst of uncertainty, how to walk through any obstacle to find joy in life again, and how to rise up stronger than before and find true healing. Each chapter is a ray of light in a storm to encourage you to SOAR.

Contributing Authors: Darcie Beyer, Cynthia M. Coates, Susan W. Corbran, Suzanne R. Duque, Heather D. Shover, Precilla Feliciano Calara, Toni Otey, Diana Towsley.


Did you know that 57 Million children around the world live without access to even a basic education? Let's change that together--one village at a time! And, then everyone can SOAR!

Now until November 13, when you purchase a book 100% of the profits will go directly to uplift a child out of poverty. With your support, we will transform the lives of an entire community for generations to come!

Learn more about our campaign to bring education and a future to children in rural Kenya.

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Additional Titles In The Series

Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth (Volume 2)

At some point in our lives we will all experience change. This transformation is often sparked by a brave act of acknowledging the truth of where we are, accepting how we came to be there, and choosing what we desire instead. We can attempt to avoid it through much struggle, but change is inevitable. Each moment we have a choice to stand in our truth or shrink in our fear. As you read each chapter, you will be inspired and strengthened by each turn of the page as you are shown the way to emerge empowered from whatever situation you find yourself in and stand in the beauty of your truth.


Strengthen Your Wings: Amazing Stories for the Journey

The stories in this bestselling book are filled with triumph, learning, challenge, love, and hope to inspire you to lead with your heart, strengthen your courage, and realize the power you have to choose whatever attitude you desire to develop the mindset to succeed. If being of service and making a difference is a philosophy that guides you every day, this book will assist you in making your desire an even bigger reality. As you read each story, you will transform and emerge with wings of strength.


Be The Difference Now

“The accountability, coaching, and teaching has made me more aware. I catch myself in a self-sabotaging behavior or reaction and realize that I am not giving myself the credit I deserve. I have a more positive attitude, and people notice it.”
Kathi P