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Thursday, Jan. 7th
5 PM Pacific Time
7 PM Central Time
8 PM Eastern Time

This is a 60-minute call.

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  • 1

    Four strategies for discovering your purpose

    You know there is something you are here to do and you’re not sure exactly what that is.

  • 2

    How to connect and trust your inner guidance on a deeper level

    Perhaps everything is going fine, but you have a sense that there’s something more that you're being called to do.

  • 3

    How to clear blocks like fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you from knowing your purpose

    You'll experience greater depth, clarity, and the opportunity to live a purposeful life.

Cassandra Washington has been a pivotal point in life transformation. She has helped me dig through layers of resistance to ultimately finding a truer purpose in life. She has exceeded my expectations as a mentor and coach. She has graciously given me more than what I have paid for in this coaching program. For anybody wanting to discover another depth of life and purpose, I highly recommend working with Cassandra and the True Purpose Coaching program.

Darcie Beyer, CEO of Beyer Imaging

Meet Your Coach Facilitator

Cassandra Washington

An experienced coach, gifted communicator and trainer, Cassandra is a Licensed True Purpose Coach, Certified Dream Coach, and coaches clients privately, in small groups, and leads a thriving virtual community of difference makers called One Degree Shift. She is masterful at helping you learn how to connect and trust your inner guidance, clear blocks, discover your deeper purpose, navigate the turbulence of uncertainty, and manifest your difference.

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