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Meet Cassandra

DSC_0247 2Words others use to describe me…


The one word that describes me most…


Love is the reason I do what I do. I believe in your potential and the difference you make in the world, and I feel compelled to be a part of it. I’m deeply committed to supporting your success in whatever way I can. Why? My mission is to transform the world. When I support you in fulfilling your higher purpose and you go on to support others, I, in turn, fulfill my mission to transform the world — one person at a time. That is love!

More About Cassandra

Cassandra Washington is the Chief Visionary Officer and founder of One Degree Shift Community. Her professional development firm, Exceed Learning, works with organizations to develop world-class content and corporate training programs that promote engagement, contribution, and bottom-line impact.

A seasoned coach, gifted communicator and trainer with 20 years in professional training and development, Cassandra is a Licensed True Purpose Coach, Certified Dream Coach, and coaches clients privately, in small groups, and leads a thriving virtual community of Difference Makers. Cassandra is masterful at helping you learn how to connect and trust your inner guidance, clear blocks, discover your deeper purpose, navigate the turbulence of uncertainty, and manifest your difference.

Cassandra coaches leaders to sharpen their message and be more powerful communicators so they can reach more people and have greater impact. Whether it is creating new content or repurposing an existing message, she is committed to helping leaders speak from their heart in a way that produces results. For Cassandra, powerful communication means speaking from the heart, and it is her pivotal life lesson. And, perhaps her deeper work is really about redefining power.

She felt called to be a powerful, stable pillar of strength for her family at an early age. After two traumatic events in middle school – the loss of her favorite cousin to a tragic car accident and her parents’ ugly divorce – Cassandra made a decision to abandon her tears and her softness. She became a workhorse who mastered the ability to keep situations under control and her emotions tightly guarded.

Through her own journey of personal development and transformation, she had several epiphany moments that set her on a path of purpose. And now, she realizes how to integrate the power of vulnerability, uncertainty, and an open heart.

She is the author of a top-selling business skills book, “How to Manage Unacceptable Employee Behavior”, and she is featured in leadership expert John Maxwell’s book, “Everyone Communicates”, Few Connect. With a list of satisfied clients that extends across North America and internationally to Germany, South Korea, Japan, Great Britain, and the British Virgin Islands, Cassandra is a sought-after speaker and “go-to” trainer for organizations that want their people to improve communication and leadership skills, value and respect differences, and ultimately achieve greater results. Cassandra connects with her audiences immediately, builds relationships based on trust and respect, and delivers training that people can apply right away.

When she’s not coaching or training, she enjoys the beach, lazy weekends watching marathon makeover TV shows, or spending time with valued friends and relatives.

Cassandra has coached countless men and women to push their limits and realize their greatest potential. And, now she’s ready to motivate you to take heart-inspired action toward their goals.

Be The Difference Now

“It is easy to get overwhelmed thinking we have to make huge changes all at once. I love the power of small shifts that make a tremendous difference in the long run, and I love the support and encouragement I receive from the community!”
Jillann M