New Book: Powerful Life Lessons So You Can Deepen, Develop and Fly Off To Your Destiny

Difference Makers are motivated to make things better for the people around them. They lead, support, and encourage others - from family and friends to community groups, organizations, and even great social movements. The list of well-known Difference Makers is long. The authors of this anthology are less known, yet equally important Difference Makers, all sharing the treasure inside their personal story to encourage you on your purpose path. Their stories are filled with triumph, learning, challenge, love, and hope to inspire you to lead with your heart, strengthen your courage, and realize the power you have to choose whatever attitude you desire to develop the mindset to succeed.

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The One Degree Shift community is a cocoon for Difference Makers to strengthen their wings and fly. The journey of writing and sharing our stories has strengthened our confidence and courage so we can continue to make the difference we were created for.

Cassandra Washington, Strengthen Your Wings: Amazing Stories for the Journey

In this Book You Will Discover How To...

  • Lead with Heart

    The heart of a Difference Maker is compassion and at the center of everything they do, allowing them to lead, to serve, and to connect with others in incredible ways.

  • Find Your Courage

    Courage is the most important quality of Difference Makers. They know that one cannot bring about change by running away from it or avoiding it, so they follow their purpose with courage.

  • Develop the Attitude

    Attitude is a key factor for Difference Makers. They realize the power they have to choose whatever attitude they desire and are able to dig deeper to develop the mindset to succeed.

In the book, I share my own journey as a powerful lesson for every reader. My story is about how I put a wall of restraint around my heart to keep pain at a distance, and later realized how restraint limited my full expression and true potential. I've learned to keep my heart safe, but not hold too tight, to trust, to let go and open to my amazing gift to make a difference. You will too! BUY YOUR COPY and learn how to lead with your whole heart!

Cassandra Washington
Cassandra Washington
Buy Your Copy Now! Only $9.95

Meet Cassandra Washington

Cassandra Washington

A seasoned coach, gifted communicator, and trainer, Cassandra is a Licensed True Purpose® Coach and Certified Dream Coach® who motivates her clients to take heart-inspired action toward their goals. She coaches clients privately, in small groups, and leads a thriving virtual community of difference makers. Cassandra is skilled at helping you discover your deeper purpose, navigate the turbulence of uncertainty, and manifest your difference.

Cassandra Washington

Meet the Contributing Authors

Living Into Your Legacy Living Into Your Legacy, By Alexa Christine Beltran

"Legacy is an attitude that sows seeds of success. The sacrifices we make today, even our failures, can serve as a model to others. Legacy is our connection to the past, as well as our link to the future. It is the tireless contribution of others that will secure a brighter tomorrow. "

The Empathy Connection The Empathy Connection, By Darcie Beyer

"Through this healing journey, I have learned to practice greater empathy for others and myself. Self-empathy is not selfishness. Empathy for myself has changed my life. I’ve been blessed with being heard, valued, and acknowledged by the doctors who treated me, by my family, but most importantly by myself."

Do What Makes You Happy Do What Makes You Happy, By Christine Blach

"I want to encourage everyone to do what makes you happy. Don’t believe the negative chatter. If it makes you happy, go for it. Happiness is more important than what others think, say, or do. You have a choice every day. You can’t change the past. You can’t change people. But you can choose to be happy."

Courage is Like Helium Fill Your Soul and Fly Courage is Like Helium Fill Your Soul and Fly, By Lourdes Brown

"We are only given one chance, one life for which we are lucky to have. In turn, it is our responsibility to feel joy, love, fulfillment, and compassion for others – to live in our greatest capacity. It begins with the courage to do what makes you happy."

Stay the Course and Out of Harm’s Way Stay the Course and Out of Harm’s Way, By Karen Carlson

"I recognize now that persistence is not an unyielding allegiance to a decision or goal. Persistence is the dedication to your own well-being and the faithful alignment to your inner truth as you create what you most desire."

Listening Can Prevent Suffering Listening Can Prevent Suffering, By Pat Collins, DPh

"A listening attitude makes a difference. Delving deeper into what is going on with the patient and their health can prevent suffering. Aging doesn’t mean you have to feel bad or be sick. My personal experience with my parents fuels my passion to make the situation better for others."

Stand in Your Truth Even If You Stand Alone Stand in Your Truth Even If You Stand Alone, By Laura Ederati

"I want to encourage others to find the freedom that comes when you stand in your truth, even if that means standing alone sometimes. No matter what others do or say, the joke will never be on you as long as you live your authentic self."

Step Out of Your League Step Out of Your League, By Ilda Grimaldo

"Making a difference can be challenging, requiring a need to be confident, resourceful, and willing to fight, to develop a “can-do” attitude. I believe no matter what your background is you can be on the same playing field as anyone else."

A Good Name A Good Name, By Miriam Ilgenfritz

"When I’m contemplating what action to take or swayed to act in my own self-interest at someone else’s expense, I resist the easy escape and instead do what best serves all involved. I want to be remembered as a woman who made a difference in her world by being a person of honor. I challenge you to do the same."

An Unexpected Faith An Unexpected Faith, By Sharon A. Luke

"Faith is a funny thing... Whether you develop an attitude of faith as a young child like my sister Tracee did, or you find a stronger faith through unexpected circumstances like I did, your faith will make a difference in this world."

Fear Can Motivate You Fear Can Motivate You, By Lisa Marie Martin, NP-C

"People are motivated in many ways. Some find motivation from making dreams come true. Others are motivated to make things different than by what or how they are. These are considered positive motivations. And yet others are motivated by plain old fear. Asking questions like, “Is this all my life will be?” can certainly provoke fearful thoughts that motivate."

Living in the Flow of Life Living in the Flow of Life, By Allison McFadden

"Our direction in life can be from two sources: we can be directed from an external perspective, using goals and plans, or we can learn to live in the flow, led by our internal, intuitive wisdom. To make a difference for yourself and others, it is important to develop an intuitive attitude. When you get in touch with your intuition, it will lead you to your full potential."

Determined to Stay in the Game Determined to Stay in the Game, By Jillann Micek

"I believe life is worth living no matter how difficult your circumstances become. We can all make a difference as long as we stay in the game, pursuing our passion. So, I encourage you to keep going forward, no matter the difficulties or obstacles you face. Find your reason to stay in the game, and then move forward with determination and purpose."

Cultivating Curiosity Changes Everything Cultivating Curiosity Changes Everything, By Bobbye Middendorf

"A curious attitude starts with “I wonder…?” and continues and deepens with “What if?” In the rich territory on the continuum between these two simple open-ended questions, you can step into the world of pure potentiality to make the difference you came here to make."

On a Mission to Lift You Up On a Mission to Lift You Up, By Kathi Palmer

"When you have an uplifting attitude, it not only helps the other person, but it encourages you too. Difference Makers inspire others to believe they can do things that they didn’t think they could and to have the courage to try things they normally would not. BE the difference!"

Finding the Sunshine  in Hard Times Finding the Sunshine in Hard Times, By Tina Parmigiano

"When I focus on love, a positive attitude comes natural. My memories of those I’ve lost and their love brightens my cloudy days and puts a smile on my face. I’ve learned when life gets hard and trials come my way to look at the positive side of life."

Be a Visionary, Change Your World Be a Visionary, Change Your World, By Sue Wickstrom

"Surround yourself with visionary leaders. Visualize your end result. When your vision is connected to your heart and combined with action, anything is possible!"

Success Through Flexibility Success Through Flexibility, By Susan K. Younger

"When Difference Makers learn to think on their feet, consider different points of view, and make decisions based on information at hand, they can make things happen while others are still pondering the what ifs."

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PS. You don’t have to go it alone. We invite you to join us as we endeavor to BE the difference now!

“My time with Cassandra has been life changing! Beginning with a training seminar last spring, Cassandra has worked with me to find my "voice". Her patience and insight with me has been phenomenal! She has encouraged me to step out of my box and search for my true and authentic self. After taking a deep breath, I found the courage to share my story in print with the hope of inspiring others. It has been thrilling to work with Cassandra and the others as a contributing author for our book. It had always been a dream of mine to write a book, and this is my first step. Thank you, Cassandra for believing in me! I am excited about the "power of my possibility" through my continued work with you!”

Laura Ederati

“Being a part of One Degree Shift's writing project has been an invaluable experience that I'm confident will only continue to blossom. It has stretched me WAY outside my comfort zone, and given me confidence and personal growth opportunities well beyond my expectations. Even though I was concerned upfront with the time commitment, Cassandra's simple step-by-step approach made each step manageable. With her gentle nudging, support, and consistent encouragement, as well as fantastic support from the team, it’s been an amazing accomplishment and I'm so proud and humbled to have been a part of it. Just as creating this book has opened my eyes to being a Difference Maker, I truly hope it inspires others to recognize their calling as a difference maker and take action!”

Sue Wickstrom

“Working with Cassandra on this book project has pushed me past personal comfort zones in ways I had never imagined possible. I have always been very careful about putting myself out there and this project certainly stretched me in that area! The emotional process of digging deeper into my personal story was therapeutic and took me to levels of thought that I had never considered before. Cassandra has a gift for creating an environment where people feel safe, which in turn allows them to be vulnerable and push themselves to places they generally would not go. As a result of this writing project, I feel more confident about myself as a person, my abilities, and the things I believe in. Thank you Cassandra for spearheading this amazing project!”

Jillann Micek
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