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Are You In Joyful Harmony With Your Best Life?

When you're living in harmony, you are in step with your passion, living on purpose, and brimming with the excitement and joy that fulfillment brings.

Join me each month and I will coach you so you can connect with your vision and find alignment with your highest purpose. Then you can live your best life while making a significant difference in the world around you. This is your calling!

And, we'll do more than just talk about it. On each call, I will ask you to declare a WOW that will move you forward in creating a life of blissful harmony.

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Sounds Great! But... What's a WOW?

A WOW is a single action taken Within One Week that proves you are serious about improving your life, making a difference, or accomplishing whatever dreams are important to you. With one step forward you are no longer just talking about what you want, you are in action! With one step, everything shifts! You have new confidence, new perspective, and new resources available to you. That’s a WOW! It is a powerful thing when you get your ambitions out of your head and write them down, speak them out loud, and get into action to make them a reality.

What You'll Discover During These 30 Minute Calls:

    • How to find your voice, your real purpose, and discover your path to greatness
    • How to create a vision of what you want — one that excites you and moves you forward
    • How to uncover limiting beliefs and obstacles that hold you back and keep you stuck
    • How to make tiny shifts in your mindset and your actions to move closer to what you want
    • How to live a harmonious life while making a significant difference for others

    Don't Miss It! Each Month We'll Cover a Different Topic.

    A little more about Cassandra and why you should sign up now:

    Cassandra Washington is a Life Transformation Coach who is passionate about connecting people to their unique purpose and highest potential. She is a Licensed True Purpose Coach and Certified Dream Coach, international trainer, and has written and compiled three Amazon best-selling motivational books with members of her One Degree Shift community. Her management book is a top-seller in public seminars and she is quoted in leadership expert John Maxwell’s book, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.”

    Cassandra works with clients one-on-one and in small groups to help them realize their personal and professional dreams. She leads a thriving virtual community of Difference Makers called One Degree Shift. Cassandra is skilled at helping you connect and trust your inner guidance, clear blocks to your success and prosperity, and confidently embrace and manifest the difference you were created to make. 

    Join this FREE 30-minute Coaching Call
    on the 1st Wednesday of every month
    11am CST / Noon EST / 9am PST