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What's Included

In One Degree Shift, we share a common purpose and vision – to make the world a better place. We do that best in community! Here’s just a few of the resources available to you as a member.

oneshifticonCoaching with Cassandra

You’ll get “members only” access to Cassandra and her team of community experts and VIP guests. Each month, you'll connect with Cassandra and your One Degree Shift community as you receive high-level of teaching, coaching, and support.

oneshifticonPrivate Archive and Library

You’ll enjoy 24/7 access to an growing library of insightful articles, video tutorials, and a variety of worksheets to make learning practical and easy to apply! We’re not only learning together but we’re also learning from one another. There will be opportunities for you to share your expertise and add to our library of resources too. And, as a member, you qualify for special “members only” pricing on specified programs, products, and events.

oneshifticonGet Featured!

Could your brand, your message, or your business benefit from more exposure? Our member spotlight is a way for us to share your inspiring story, for others to get to know you, and for you to serve our community. We'll promote you to everyone that visits our site and to our social media and e-mail friends.

oneshifticonPrivate Online Group

We'll stay engaged real-time online because when you share your goals and commitments with supportive, like-minded community you are more likely to achieve them in a much faster time than you would on your own.

oneshifticonGet Published!

One Degree Shift published an Amazon Best Seller in 2014. You can be a co-author in our next book! Share your story, inspire others, and transform in the process.

oneshifticonDiscover Your Purpose

Experience a deeper connection to your purpose and clear blocks to your success and prosperity so you can be the difference you were created for.

oneshifticonEmerge as a Speaker

Do you feel called to share your message on a wider scale? You'll develop your signature message, practice your speaking skills in front of others, and work together to put on live and virtual events.

oneshifticonBE the Difference in Your Community

Be seen as a difference maker in your community! As an Ambassador, you'll partner with Cassandra to bring the message of heart, purpose, and community to your town. It's about making a difference through collaboration rather than going it alone and getting stuck attempting to implement in isolation.

oneshifticonAnd Much More… (We just haven’t created it yet!)

This community will grow and change as we continue to deepen and expand. And, you are an ACTIVE part of it! We accomplish more together.

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“Going after my goals and dreams inside community provides me like-minded friends, while going it alone can be ADVENTUROUS but sometimes lonely.”
Tippy M